Sabine’s Tips for a perfect stay in Bournemouth

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Sabine sent us a testimonial about her journey to Bournemouth, which is very interesting. She gives you important information about her daily life und some good tips for your trip with IP.

I booked my journey to Bournemouth with International Projects, which was a very good decision. I stayed there for two weeks. I had the possibility to book a program from 12 to 16 years or from 16 to 19 years. I was 18 and so this was a good option for me.

Bournemouth is located in the south of England. The region is beautiful und we had a lot of sunshine. The school is situated a 15-minute-walk from the Hotel.
On the first day we had a placement test, which wasn’t very difficult.b2
Afterwards we were separated in different classes with people who had the same level of learning. School started at 9:30 and ended at 12:45 so I had enough free time. The lessons were very effective because we spoke English all the time. It is highly to commend to book a course for two weeks because you need time to feel confident to speak in class or with other people.

The natives in England are very kind and helpful. Moreover I made friends with nice people and so I had the chance to organize a trip with a girl to Stonehenge. It was an amazing experience.
The supervisors are great people. If you have any problems you can ask them every time. Besides they offered great activities like Henna Tattoos, Volleyball, Football and much more.

As I said, the experiences were worth the money!
Thank you IP!