Tireless students in Biarritz

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Biarritz - La Grande PlageWho works hard deserves a good rest. Another bright week in the IP club. IP team was lucky to receive one of the bests groups during this summer: students who balance successfully between everyday hard work in the field of French language and leisure. Sometimes as a centre manager I wonder how much energy our students have: they wake up early in the morning, go to classes and then to the surf lessons or Ping-Pong tournament and still are able to sing their favourite songs on our karaoke during the evening event.

Of course, there is a special secret we have here in Biarritz. And it’s simple: sun, ocean and good mood keep us energetic all day long. We should not forget the fact that travelling is also one of the favourite activities of our students. As always, the self-explanatory photo report follows. Enjoy!