Un étudiant polonais et les avantages et désavantages de son séjour linguistique

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This week…It has been so full of new staff, I don´t know where to begin with. Maybe the food: it was ok. Really. Cause it was always something good to choose and I never went off hungry.
The activities may have been a little too boring – I did not attend any of the workshops, apart from Wellness Workshop. The outdoor sports are all right and it´s good that we can come to you whenever and just ask for a ball or cards or whatever.

The town is not very interesting, especially as we don´t know it very well. Maybe there could be some kind of offish or something with places to visit in town.
The evening programme – good. But I think you should do more commercial for them, as there is not always much people attending.
Lessons – really good. Perfect level; not too hard, but I learn something new every lesson and they are usually not boring.