IP International Projects

We are a German language tour operator. Every year approximately 6,000 customers from many different countries travel with us to learn more than a language.

In our home country, Germany, we are known by the name Offaehrte Sprachreisen. We have been organising holidays for children and teenagers since 1986 under this brand name. In the mid 1990’s we started specialising in the field of language holidays for children, teenagers and families.
Since 2000 we have been operating on an international scale as IP International Projects.

Today IP International Projects is a brand name of Europa School of English which is our language school in Bournemouth, UK. Europa School provides high quality English lessons and exciting activity programmes. This school is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK.

Customer orientation

Every customer has individual wishes and expectations. We offer attractive destinations which satisfy those different expectations and fit all kinds of different budgets. From the first moment of contact until the end of the trip, we want to ensure that our customers are happy. We take great care with our marketing materials to ensure we are giving a realistic expectation to our customers and we supervise our holidays, courses and activities professionally to provide a reliable service.


We meet the standards of European language holiday norm (EN 14804). Our language school in the UK is accredited by the British Council and is subject to regular inspections.
We work with local institutions and partners and we regularly have external bodies inspecting us for quality assurance.

Learn more than a language

For us the joy of learning and improving language is the core of our product. However, we consider it equally important that children and teenagers learn to be open to other cultures. That is why we only use appropriately experienced native or native-level speakers as teachers. We also encourage our students to develop their personalities through our activity programme.


We consider good supervision of our students to be very important. All our staff members in the destination centres are intensively trained from between 4-10 days for their job. The activity programme and the supervision vary according to the ages and needs of the students.

Fit and Active

We want to show children and teenagers that healthy nutrition, relaxation and a lot of exercise are great fun and are good for them. In our own course locations we therefore provide a wide variety of sports activities, chill-out areas, as well as healthy and tasty nutrition.