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Our Course Structure

Welcome to IP International Projects, your gateway to exceptional language learning. As an institution accredited by the esteemed British Council for English language teaching in the UK and a proud member of English UK, the world's premier language teaching association, we offer a course structure designed to elevate your learning experience.

Our Course Structure
Our Course Structure

Dynamic Learning Environment: Students at IP International Projects thrive in diverse and engaging classes, where they connect with peers from around the world in equipped classrooms. With class sizes limited to a maximum of 16 students, they experience a personalized approach to education, allowing for deeper connections with both their classmates and dedicated teachers.

Expert Instruction and Comprehensive Materials: Our passionate and dedicated teachers are here to guide you every step of the way. They bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom, ensuring that you receive the best possible language education. All course materials are provided, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive learning journey.

Progress Assessment for Continuous Growth: At the close of each week (Thursday), students engage in a progress test that evaluates their language development. This assessment helps gauge progress and aids in determining if a move to a different level is appropriate. This dynamic approach ensures that students are always learning at a level that challenges and nurtures their growth.

Celebration of Achievements: The culmination of students’ time at IP International Projects is marked by a memorable graduation ceremony. As a testament, they receive a language certificate. This certificate reflects their language proficiency level, calculated as an average of their performance on the final progress test and their initial online placement test. Additionally, their certificate will feature a personalized comment from one of their esteemed teachers, highlighting their unique journey.

CollabCreate: A Full-Day Immersion in Media and Language: CollabCreate is an immersive, day-long educational experience that goes beyond traditional classrooms. It focuses on language and media skills, offering students a transformative journey in which they collaborate to produce podcasts or movies. The program consists of approximately 8 lessons, emphasizing collaboration, time management, and feedback. Students work together to bring creative projects to life, refining language proficiency and fostering essential life skills. The hands-on approach includes project planning and execution, instilling a sense of responsibility and equipping participants with valuable skills for personal and professional growth. CollabCreate aims to empower students with a holistic skill set, preparing them for the challenges of effective communication, teamwork, and efficient time management in the future. This takes place in our German centre Ebernburg & Bingen.

IP International Projects is not just a place of learning; it's a community that fosters growth, celebrates diversity, and champions your language development. Join us in creating lasting memories and acquiring skills that will enrich your life. Your journey to linguistic excellence begins here