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Premium Cancellation Protection including Covid-19

Per person per travel: 119 Euros / 99 GBP per person

We will reimburse you for the cancellation fees owed under the terms of the contract should you be forced to cancel your journey for any of the following reasons:

  • Loss of job suffered by the insured person (or a parent in the case of under-age travellers)
  • Repetition of failed examinations at a school/university/technical college, should the examination be repeated during the travel time.
  • Covid infection before departure making travel impossible. Proof from the health department or a hospital/doctor is mandatory. No cover where the FCO or World Health Organisation has advised against travel
  • Part of this Premium Cancellation & Protection is the Cancellation and Protection Insurance below

Retained amount for all of the above-mentioned reasons: 20% of the travel costs, but at least 50 Euros or 42 GBP). Please provide us with an official document proofing the mentioned reason. See here for more details

Cancellation and Travel Protection Insurance

Per person per travel day: 1.31 Euros / 1.20 GBP per person

This international student travel insurance policy is designed to cater for the insurance needs of persons studying in the UK, France and Germany on a trip arranged by Europa School of English / International Projects. The product provides cover including emergency medical assistance and medical costs, protection in the event of cancellation or curtailment, cover for loss, theft of or damage to baggage and personal money. Key features and benefits:

  • A 24 hour helpline for medical emergencies
  • Emergency medical expenses in the event of illness or injury
  • Protection against cancellation or curtailment charges such as sudden, serious illness, accident or death of the registered traveller and close relative and person with whom travelling with
  • Cover for loss or damage to baggage and personal money
  • A wide range of sports and activities covered
  • Cover for irrecoverable pre-paid college, university or language school fees
  • Leisure trips within Europe and any trip outside the UK if part of your course

Key eligibility criteria and exclusions:

  • Not available to anyone aged 66 or over
  • No cover under cancellation or curtailment charges, emergency medical expenses or personal accident relating to any reason set out under ‘Important conditions relating to health’ – see group policy wording
  • No cover where the FCO or World Health Organisation has advised against travel
  • No cover where travel is not departing from and returning to your home country
  • Each claim will be subject to a £50 excess wherever an excess applies
  • No insurance cover in the event of an infection with Covid 19 prior to departure but cover during your travel in case of tested positive. Please see FAQs here

What exactly is insured? 

Important information for UK centres

Statement of Insurance – Group policy travel insurance

Group Policy Travel Insurance Endorsement

Group Contract with Europa School of English and International Projects