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Our English Courses

Welcome to our Summer School's comprehensive array of English, French and German courses, carefully designed to cater to your diverse learning preferences.

Our English Courses
Our English Courses

General Course of English or French

Included in the package is the General Course (15 lessons a week), serving as a strong foundation for effective language communication. Running from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 11:45, each of the morning sessions is aimed at specific language aspects: grammar mastery, reading and listening comprehension, and interactive speaking practice. With a focus on enhancing your speaking and listening skills, we're dedicated to nurturing confident communication and breaking inhibitions. Our offerings cater to Elementary (A1) through Advanced (C1) levels, with a minimum duration of 1 week.

Intensive Course of English, French or German

For an immersive enhancement, consider our English Course (20 lessons a week). This supplement integrates the General Course with an extra daily session (11:45 - 12:30), devoted to project-based learning, group dynamics, writing finesse, and public speaking prowess.

Mini-group Course of English

For a personalized approach, consider our Mini-Group Course (20 lessons a week). Working in groups of up to 6 students, benefit from highly individualized lessons. The course is based on the same concept as the Intensive Course of English. Tailored learning to students’ specific language needs, collaborating closely with your instructor to address the areas that matter most to you. Levels include Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), and Advanced (C1). If available mini classes don't match the students’ level, they are placed in a general course for lessons 1-3 and receive a private lesson for lesson 4 to cater to their specific needs. Courses are available for a minimum duration of 1 week.
Join us for an enriching language journey that sparks growth, empowers confidence, and fosters communication skills that transcend borders. We look forward to helping you thrive in an environment that challenges and supports you, all while building lasting memories and friendships along the way. Your path to linguistic excellence starts here.