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Our Educational Goals and Teaching Concept

Embark on a global Language adventure: learn with peers from all around the world!

Empowering the Future: In a world brimming with possibilities and complexities, we are committed to equipping children and teenagers with the skills they need to navigate the challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Our vision transcends language acquisition; it's about preparing the next generation for life in a globalized future.

Intercultural learning in international classes
Intercultural learning in international classes

Holistic Preparation for the Global Stage: Our mission is to provide students with knowledge that goes beyond linguistic proficiency. We aim to empower you with insights and skills that facilitate seamless integration into foreign environments. As you embark on your language journey, we encourage you to unearth your talents, explore your passions, and discover what truly resonates with you.

More Than Language: For over 35 years, we've remained dedicated to our mission of delivering intense learning experiences intertwined with immense fun. Over 500,000 children and teenagers have honed their language skills with us, forging connections that span cultures and time zones.

Inspirational Classroom Lessons: Within our lessons, language improvement is just the beginning. As you refine your language abilities, you'll simultaneously delve into the intricacies of the host country. Through interactions with native speakers, you'll gain a deeper appreciation of their culture and way of life. Engaging in presentations, interviews, and role plays will nurture not only your language skills but also your personal growth.

Fostering Confident Communication: Our goal is not only to enhance your language skills but also to dissolve inhibitions that might hinder your language usage. With small class sizes of maximum 16 students, our teachers provide personalized attention to track your progress and support active participation in every lesson.

Comprehensive Learning Experience: Our courses encompass listening and reading comprehension, grammar, and conversation. Dynamic instruction from (usually) more than one teacher a day with varying methods ensures a well-rounded learning journey. Topics rooted in local culture and everyday life enrich your learning, complemented by intercultural insights gained from collaborating with students worldwide.

Engaging the Senses: Our approach is grounded in the belief that multisensory learning is most effective. Discussions, role plays, presentations, and group activities infuse excitement and depth into your education. Learning materials are readily available, and we harness the power of online resources—videos, websites, podcasts, blogs—to empower independent learning.

Celebrating Achievement: At the conclusion of your journey, you'll receive a certificate that reflects your learning triumphs. This tangible testament to your dedication and progress stands as a reminder of your accomplishments.

Join us in embracing the challenges, embracing the excitement, and embracing the world. Together, we'll embark on a transformational journey that enriches your horizons and shapes your future success. Experience learning that transcends borders, fuels curiosity, and empowers you to shine on the global stage. Your extraordinary adventure awaits.