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Useful notes on Brexit

As you know Brexit is a very contentious issue in the UK right now.

Particularly for EU and UK citizens a possible ‘hard Brexit’ could cause uncertainty. Whilst no-one knows at this stage what a hard Brexit would mean in detail for people travelling to and from the UK we thought it would be useful to provide the information that we do know at this stage.

For all NON EU citizens there won’t be any changes at all. Please go to the following link for further information about applying for a visa

Good news for all EU citizens: Until 31st December 2020 no change to the existing regulation, an identity card is required for all students coming to the UK.

There may also be delays at UK ports and airports due to tougher checks at border control, but we hope this won’t happen.

For all those students organising flights themselves please check with your airline whether they foresee any problems getting into the UK. Airlines based in the UK, (Ryanair, Easyjet) may have some problems offering flights from EU countries to the UK, but have already taken steps to avoid any cancellation of flights.

For all the flights we offer from Spain we use Lufthansa or British Airways and we don’t foresee any problems. Eurostar travel to London should be as easy and possible as it has been in the past. We of course have our own supervisors on flights and trains to look after the students and can support them in case of any delays or unlikely events.

We expect no change regarding medical treatments or First Aid in the UK. European health insurers may deal out new arrangements with the National Health Service. In any case we recommend you check with your health insurer what may change or buy Travel Protection which will cover any health problem in any case.

Phoning to and from the UK probably won’t change at all, all communication providers have announced that they will treat the UK as if they were still a member of the EU, so there are no sudden changes of prices to be expected.

As the parties are still negotiating, the Parliament in London is still trying to find a possible deal we will keep you in the loop and will inform you about any changes as soon as they are known.

Finally, please note this is a political issue and the British public continue to be as welcoming and polite as ever. All of our hosts and staff are looking forward to welcoming you and providing you with the best service so that our customers can have the best time of their lives studying and having fun with us in the UK!

The Europa School of English Team

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