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Ebernburg & Bingen

Germany / Ebernburg & Bingen

Language Camp for Kids: Enjoy the adventurous wizarding world in our castle

Save up to 15% on self arranged journey for German Courses and for English Courses save 10%.

No enrolment fees. No accommodation fees.

  • English and German Courses for levels A1 to B2
  • Full immersion with German students on site
  • Full immersion programme with German students
  • Exciting activity programme: magic workshop, bonfire…
  • Live and learn with students from up to 19 different countries
  • Small and safe village only 1 hour from Frankfurt
  • Summer Camp 10-12 yrs.
  • Location

    IP Ebernburg 5 minutes to the town of Ebernburg (walking distance from the castle)
    IP Bingen 21 minutes to the town Centre of Bingen (walking distance from the Hostel)

  • Language Courses

    Intensive English Course
    Intensive German Course

  • Travel period

    30.06.2024 to 17.08.2024
    30.06.-14.07.24 in Ebernburg
    14.07.-03.08.24 in Bingen
    03.08.-17.08.24 in Ebernburg

  • Already included

    Full day activity programme in German and English
    24/7 Supervision and Emergency Phone
    Fruit’n’Fit Corner
    (with water, cold drinks, fresh fruits)
    24/7 Emergency phone

  • Accommodation

    Full board

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Learn English or German with students from all over the world

  • Online placement test prior to arrival and oral assessment on first day of school
  • Mixed nationality classes with a maximum of 16 students per class
  • Dedicated and experienced teachers
  • All materials provided
  • Certificate and graduation ceremony

Lessons take place in spacious classrooms in the castle. Our teachers do not only provide the lessons but also the activity programme. The teachers will always try to speak to the students in the language they are learning and the activity programme is an essential part of the language learning experience.

English or German tuition is included in the price.


already included

Lessons are conducted on our scenic campus within the castle. Our courses adhere to the European Framework of Reference Levels for Language Learning.
We offer courses at various levels, including Elementary (A1), Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), and Upper Intermediate (B2).

We offer a unique project unit where students collaborate to create podcasts or movies. This unit not only enhances language skills but also fosters teamwork, time management, and the ability to give feedback. The unit spans approximately 8 lessons.

Intensive German Course (20x45 minutes/15 hours per week): levels A1 to B2, lessons from 9:00-12:30 including breaks.
Intensive English Course (20x45 minutes/15 hours per week): levels A1 to B2, lessons from 9:00-12:30 including breaks.


After the lessons

  • Exciting, supervised activity programmes 7 days a week
  • Geocaching, treasure hunts, magic workshop
  • Bilingual English/German campus and activity programme
  • Sports and creativity workshops
  • Full day excursions

Our Team members come from all over the world, therefore creating a truly international atmosphere in Ebernburg & Bingen. Our language camp is structured as the most famous wizarding school. Students will be divided into houses, have to fulfil tasks and compete in the course for a week. The winning house will be celebrated in the final evening event of the week when they will be awarded with the House cup.

The team runs a supervised bilingual activity programme 7 days a week. In the afternoon students can choose between several activities and in the evening, we offer amazing events for the whole group. Please note that our activities take place in English and German.  Please note that students are not allowed to leave the campus without supervision and that the above-mentioned activity programme is part of the language learning experience and therefore all students are required to attend.

Digital Detox: we have smartphone free afternoons. After lunch our staff will take care of your phone, in that way you can enjoy even more the activity and socialise with other students.

 A sample programme can be found here.


already included
  • Welcome and Farewell Meeting
  • Sorting Cermony on first day of arrival: be sorted in to one of our Hogwarts houses
  • Guided tour of the castle
  • Sports (soccer, basketball, table tennis, beach volleyball)
  • Arts & Crafts Workshops: Magic Workshops
  • Magic Competition: collect points for your house and win the Housecup
  • Quiz Night, Movie Night, Games Night, Open Stage, Bonfire Night (only in Ebernburg)
  • Afternoons at the local outdoor swimming pool


already included

Excursions are a part of our programme and included in the price. During your first week you have one full day trip included. If you stay more than one week you will have two additional full day excursions per week.

Each trip consists of a guided tour (bilingual in German and English)  of the area with some interesting background information and stops at the nicest photo locations. Our supervisors will not only tell you more about the city but also where the coolest shops and cafés are, because after the guided tour you will have some free time with your friends for shopping and discovering on your own! The amount of free time allowed depends on the students’ age. All of the excursions are organised by public transport (Train). 

Full day trip destinations from Ebernburg: Frankfurt, Mainz, Worms, Bingen and Rüdesheim.

Full day trip destinations from Bingen: Frankfurt, Mainz, Bad Kreuznach and Rüdesheim.

Live with other kids in a medieval castle

  • Medieval charm and modern facilities
  • Spacious multi-bedded en-suite rooms
  • Supervisors living on site
  • Full board meal service

Residence: Ebernburg 30.06 - 14.07.2024 and 03.08.2024 – 17.08.2024

Welcome to our exceptional residential campus, where comfort and community come together. Our accommodation options include spacious four-bedded rooms, a few triples and one five-bedded room, as well as double en-suite rooms with private bathrooms. In a few rooms, two rooms share bathroom facilities. We take pride in offering full board, ensuring that you have all your dining needs met without any worries.

For meals, our spacious refectory with 80 seats provides the perfect setting to enjoy delicious food and connect with fellow students.

If you’re in the mood for some outdoor dining and relaxation, our on-campus barbecue area is the ideal spot. For those who love staying active, we offer on-site sports facilities, including indoor table tennis and an outdoor playground.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate our green area, perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, from picnics to sports.

Stay connected and make lasting memories at our IP Ocean Lounge, a meeting point for students that’s open all day long. We also provide free Wi-Fi internet access in public areas across campus, ensuring you’re always connected to the digital world.

Laundry is one less thing to worry about with our complimentary laundry service, available once a week.

At our residential campus, we prioritize your comfort, well-being, and academic success. Whether you’re here to study, socialize, or simply relax, we’ve got everything you need to make your stay truly exceptional. If your stay falls within the dates of both centres, we’ll arrange the necessary transfers to take you from one place to the other.

Residence: Bingen 14.07 - 03.08.2024

Our spacious double and four-bed rooms come complete with private bathrooms, ensuring you have all the privacy you need. Plus, we offer full board, so you can focus on your studies and enjoy delicious meals worry-free.

Our self-contained campus is designed to cater to all your needs. You’ll find classrooms right in the residence, making it easy to attend classes without ever leaving the comfort of your home away from home.

For those looking to unwind and socialize, our outdoor barbecue area is the perfect spot to grill up a meal and connect with fellow students. And if you’re feeling sporty, we’ve got you covered with on-site facilities like indoor table tennis and an outdoor playground.

If you prefer greenery and open spaces for your recreational activities, you’ll be delighted to know that a lovely green area for sports and relaxation is just a short walk away.

Looking to stay connected? Our IP Ocean Lounge is the ideal meeting point for students, offering a welcoming atmosphere all day long. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi internet access in public areas across campus.

We know that laundry can be a chore, so we offer a complimentary laundry service once a week to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

At our residential campus, we aim to create a comfortable, inclusive, and supportive environment for our students. Whether you’re here to study, socialize, or simply enjoy some downtime, we’ve got everything you need to make your stay exceptional. If your stay falls within the dates of both centres, we’ll arrange the necessary transfers to take you from one place to the other.

Our Supervision Concept

Your safety and welfare are very important to us. The supervision concept in our summer programme is based on a fixed activity programme during afternoons and evenings which every student is required to attend. In our daily „Time to Talk“-meetings we meet with students in small groups to get feedback from them about their experience in the camp.

Our staff ratio on campus for the age group 10-12 years is 1:10, however supervision groups during activities on or off campus will have different ratios of up to 15 students for students aged 10-12 depending on the situation.

10 to 12 year olds

Our youngest students are supervised more thoroughly by team members specifically trained for this task. The staff ratio for this age group is 1:10. They are required to take part in the activity programme and attendance is checked at the beginning of each activity. They are not allowed to leave the campus without supervision. It is not possible for parents to give their child permission to leave the campus without supervision.

Ebernburg is also available for teenagers aged 13 -16. Click here for more details

Time to Talk

“Time to Talk” in Ebernburg takes place once a day between dinner and the beginning of the evening event. Groups of up to 15 students meet with the same Team member every day. “Time to Talk” is a safe environment where students can give feedback on the activities of the day and their experiences in the camp. “Time to talk” usually takes place in the language the student is learning, however it is sometimes necessary to let the students speak in their native language, depending on their language abilities in the foreign language.

Ebernburg & Bingen

Improve your language skills while living in a Castle Our English and German summer courses take place in a real medieval hill castle overlooking the Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. Situated between historic towns like Frankfurt, Mainz, Bad Kreuznach and Worms, the small and safe village of Bad Münster is perfect for younger students. You will feel like a real knight or even like a young witch or wizard in the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry during your time in Ebernburg as lessons and most of our activities take place in the medieval hall and in the courtyard of the castle. Our International Team is happy to welcome you to the historic castle of Ebernburg, located just a 5-minute-walk away from the village of Bad Münster. The castle has been welcoming young people from all over the world for many years. The classrooms in the castle are modern and the IP Ocean Lounge, where you can listen to music, use the free Wifi, relax and meet friends, is bright and spacious. The IP Fruit 'n' Fit Corner offers water, tea and fruit all day long. The IP centre offers a wide range of recreational facilities. Give table tennis a go or express your creativity by joining one of our arts & crafts workshops. Sports facilities for soccer, beach volleyball and basketball are also located on campus.

How to get to Ebernburg

We are pleased to offer 3 different options for how to get to Ebernburg or Bingen. Transfers are not included in the price, but transfers can be provided as an additional service from/to Frankfurt Airport (Low Budget Transfer) if you respect the required times. An individual transfer can be added as an option to your booking.

Self arranged journey

You can choose a self-arranged journey to our centre in Ebernburg and Bingen. This requires you to be accompanied by your parent/s or a guardian from the airport to Ebernburg and from Ebernburg to the airport. Please make sure to respect the required arrival and departure times. Check-In is on Sundays from 15:00 to 17:00. On departure day your parents should pick you up in the morning between 10:00 and 12:00.

Low Budget Transfer from/to Frankfurt Airport

We also offer a Low Budget transfer from/to Frankfurt Airport to Ebernburg & Bingen. Transfers will be provided by train. Fly into Frankfurt Airport between 10:00 and 15:00, for non-European students we recommend arriving before 14:00 on the day of arrival and our Meet & Greet Service will be waiting for you at the terminal and will accompany you to your transfer service. Our train will depart from Frankfurt Airport train station.  After less than 2 hours, with a changeover, you will be dropped off at the school in Ebernburg & Bingen.

On the day of departure, you will be dropped-off at Frankfurt Airport at about 10:00 – so please book your flight after 12:00. Staff member will accompany  you to your respective terminal and check in desk.

If you book an Unaccompanied Minors service with your airline, please request our Unaccompanied Minors service. The Low Budget Transfer is only available on the indicated arrival and departure days.

Airport transfers from/to Frankfurt Airport

In case you can’t meet the required times for the Low Budget Transfer we are happy to organise Individual Transfers for you from/to Frankfurt Airport to Ebernburg or Bingen and /or a return service to Frankfurt for a flat rate. On the day of arrival our Meet & Greet Service will be waiting for you at the exit area of customs and will, if not requested otherwise, take you directly to our school in Ebernburg or Bingen.

On the day of departure, you will leave Ebernburg or Bingen as required in order to make sure you arrive at the airport in time. Our driver will accompany  you to your respective terminal and check in desk.

If you book an Unaccompanied Minors service with your airline, please request our Unaccompanied Minors service also.

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